What is Business Coaching?

Every athlete, from t-ball through Olympians and professionals, all train with a coach.  When growth and performance improvement are needed, so is a coach.  So why does your business deserve any less?

And yet, your business is as unique as you are.  We value your business as individually as you do.  Breaking the Mold Coaches are not here to replace your individuality with a “cookie cutter” approach, but rather to partner your uniqueness with our proven methodologies and business savvy to maximize the potential and performance of your business.  You created this business to fulfill your dreams, we help you achieve that vision.

Business owners contact us with a wide variety of challenges.  A few of the most common:

  • “I’m working an 80-hour week, but only getting 40-hour pay.  Help!”
  • “My work-life balance is really not balance at all.  My business is consuming my life.”
  • “My business is ready for the next step, but I’m just not sure how to get there from here.”
  • “I’m just… stuck.”

If any of these resonate with you, I implore you to contact us.  We specialize in helping you reestablish the vision and goals for your business, and walk with you in accountability as together we leverage your business to fulfill your dreams.